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Now available is our new line of Angler Series “Nothing Fancy Custom Rods made exclusively for the custom rod buyer that wants a quality made custom rod rather than buy an off the shelf rod from China that has inferior craftsmanship. These rods are made with the same components as our fancy rods, but only come in one color, (black on black) with silver guides and butts or reel seats. No abalone inlays or fancy wraps. This helps us keep the cost down. Visit our Angler Series "Nothing Fancy Custom Rods" page for more information and order yours today.

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Wahoo Planer Rod Gold Abalone Shark Inlay Custom Fishing Rod Fly rod with smoke Rod Skinz #22 Fuji HD reel seat Landing a Dolphin  
  Big Game Fly Rod
14-16 wt. Fly Rod : Beautiful big game fly rod with line rating of 14-16 wt. Nine foot, two piece blank and reel seat by Thomas and Thomas comes in a deep blue color. Big game swivel gimbal by Perfection allows the angler to use a fighting belt. Choice of guide wrap colors. Titanium guide train by American Tackle. Hand turned EVA foam grip and forward assist grip included. Your choice of abalone shell inlay, fish decal and your name inscribed on the rod.  We also now offer other weight fly rods from 3 wt. thru 16 wt. for purchase. Call us.  Click here for more about our Big Game Fly Rod  View our Bones to Bills Gallery

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Rod
Osprey has developed a new stand up, blue fin tuna rod due to demand for a quality, specially designed rod for the blue fin tuna fishery here in North Carolina.  Built around a Calstar Grafighter blank, it will land the largest of the giant blue fin tuna. Standard features include: Silver Aftco wind on guides (5) and matching roller tip; Silver, Curved #2 Aftco Unibutt; Custom wrap colors and your name and boat name on the rod.  Available in white or black 48.5 inch short stand up tuna blank rated at 60 to unlimited line class. This is one awesome stand up tuna rod that will last a lifetime.
Click here for more about our Bluefin Tuna Rod  View Andy's Bluefin Tuna Rod Gallery.

Gulf Stream Stand – Up
Osprey has developed a new stand up, gulf stream rod due to demand for a quality, specially designed rod for gulf stream fishing for wahoo, tuna and dolphin as well as billfish. Built around a Calstar Grafighter blank, standard features include: Silver Aftco wind on guides (5) and matching roller tip; Silver, Curved #2 Aftco Unibutt; Custom wrap colors and your name and boat name on the rod. Available in white or black 48.5 inch short stand up tuna blank rated at 40 to 80 lb. line class. This is one awesome stand up rod that will last a lifetime. View our Black-on-Black Trolling Rod Gallery

IGFA 30 LB. Class

Meets all IGFA rules and regulations so that trophy catch will qualify for IGFA records. Available in white or black blank with Aftco Unibutt, your choice of guides and wrap colors. This rod can be custom made with your choice of Fuji turbo guides in gold or gunsmoke gray, or your choice of Aftco, Stuart, or Winthrop* tool roller guides. (*Winthrop guides slightly higher. Please call.)
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IGFA 50 LB. Class
Black or white blank, straight or curved Aftco Unibutt and your choice of roller guides. Winthrop tool aluminum and titanium guides extra. Call for price. Choice of wrap colors, and custom graphics. View our IGFA 50lb. Class Trolling Gallery

IGFA 80 LB. Class
This is one of our most popular blue-water rods that comes standard with Aftco straight or curved unibutt, choice of wrap colors and custom graphics. Also available with Aftco’s new Storabutt for slightly higher price. This rod with Winthrop tool roller guides is absolutely KILLER!! The last blue-water trolling rod you will ever need. Don’t forget to ask about multiple rod and set discounts.  View our IGFA 80lb. Class Trolling Rods Gallery.

  IGFA 130 LB Class
There is no better rod for tuna and marlin fishing in 130 to unlimited class fishing. Beautiful white or gloss black blanks wrapped in your choice of colors and type of guides. Straight or curved Aftco unibutt.
View our 130lb. Bluefin Tuna Rod Gallery

KingFish Series  
It is built around a light weight, blended E-glass and graphite 4.89 oz. blank that is 7.0 feet overall length. Incredible light weight to strength ratio. Comes

Kingfish Series Fishing Rod

standard with a #1 Aftco unibutt which allows you to break down the rod so that it fits in your car. This is the only Kingfish rod on the market that will break down. Guides are heavy duty, black double braced hialoy rings. This is the perfect live bait rod that will stop all those smokin’ speedsters in the nearshore/offshore waters. Comes with your choice of
wrap colors and graphics. Strong yet sensitive, and a great value at a price that won’t sink the boat.

Ladies Custom Fishing Rod
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Planer/Deep Drop Rod
This is our newest offering that was developed due to popular demand for a versatile rod that has dual purpose. Use it as a planer rod for high speed Wahoo trolling or rig it with an electric reel for a perfect deep drop rod to
Planer / Deep Drop Fishing Rod catch swordfish or grouper. The rod is built on a Seeker 80 lb. blank in your choice of white or black. The blank measures in at 43” and has two Aftco big foot roller guides, matching # 32 heavy duty swivel tip top. Finished out with a #4 Aftco bent butt, you never need to take the rod out of the holder once the fish is hooked, just wind it in. As always, you get your name
and boat name inscribed on your rod at no extra charge. Remember, we can also paint your blank any color you like. Order one or two today and you will be set to catch some awesome Wahoo.

Vertical Jig Rod
Osprey’s newest addition to our line of fine custom made rods are our vertical jig rods (VJR). Built on a composite blank made from graphite and e-glass, this rod puts the mass produced “insect” rod by the big manufacturer to shame. Our test rods have caught almost every species of salt water fish using our Japanese vertical jigs and assist hooks. Choose from black gloss, white gloss or any other blank color, Fuji new concept guides, heavy duty Fuji reel seat and EVA foam fore and aft grips. The rear grip is a grip is a full 14” so it fits perfectly under your armpit for optimal jigging action. The VJR comes complete with a gimbal butt and cover to fit your rod holders.
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