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Rod and Reel Saver Leashes

Rod and Reel Saver Leash

Rod n Reel Saver Leash

Rod & Reel Saver Leash secured to boat

Newest in the line of fine Osprey Custom Fishing Rods accessories, our Rod-n-Reel Saver Leash is a must have item for every sport fisherman. Donít be the next guy to have your expensive rod and reel go overboard in rough seas or in the hands of an inexperienced fisherman! 

A full 9 ft. in length, the Rod-n-Reel Saver Leash is adequately long to reach around the largest Sport fisherman's cockpit with room to spare. Built in loop at one end and a saltwater proof stainless steel clip at the other end wonít let your expensive gear go over the side.  

Conveniently loop the end around the fighting chair pedestal, a cleat or a railing and clip the other end to one of our ROD RINGS, or the included 7Ē stainless steel D ring loop attachment as shown in the photo and you are set to go.  Made in the USA by DRD Corp. of finest quality, saltwater proof and weather resistant woven nylon with UV resistant coating, and top quality, quick release stainless steel clip.  Never worry about losing your gear again.

Item Number Description Price
RNRSL01 Single Rod-n-Real Saver Leash $12.50
RNRSL03 Three Rod-n-Real Saver Leashes $28.50


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