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Custom Rod vs. Factory Built Rods: During the mass produced process of making the rod blanks, the blank manufacturer builds up the layers of fiberglass and graphite and resin around a mandrel which is removed after the rod has cooled. They then precision sand each blank and add the final finish. The blanks are then “graded“ with only the best ones set aside for sale to the custom rod builder - which would be us. Your rod blank is guaranteed to be the best rod blank of runs of thousands of “off the shelf” blanks. I have always been amazed that fisherman will spend thousands on, and expect only the best in their boats and electronic equipment and safety equipment on board, but will settle for “off the shelf”, sub-par fishing rods. Demand the same quality in your fishing rods and reels and you will see the difference in owning a set of superior quality custom made rods.

The Spline: Each rod bland has a strongest side known as the “spline or spine” of the rod. As custom rod builders, we perform a series of stress tests to locate the optimum spline of the rod. The result is that the fish gets to fight the strongest part of the blank. Mass production rod manufactures often do not take the time to do these tests.

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Wahoo Planer Rod Gold Abalone Shark Inlay Custom Fishing Rod Fly rod with smoke Rod Skinz #22 Fuji HD reel seat Landing a Dolphin  
  The Guides: Only the finest corrosion resistant guides are used on our rods. You also get to custom choose the type of guides you want on you rods. We offer turbo style guides on our stand up light weight rods and several different types of roller guides on our offshore trolling rods.
These type guides offer better heat-dissipation and anti–corrosion qualities that will stand up to years of exposure to sun and salt water environments. We perform static stress tests on each rod to determine optimal guide placement

which you will never get in an “off the shelf” mass produced rod. All trolling and blue water rods come standard with triple wrapped guides or extra strength when fighting that trophy fish. We also offer Winthrop Tool Roller Guides.

Handles/Rod Butts: Quality counts here. Your choice of Aftco and Pacific Bay Unibutts will give your years of service. Reel seats on our stand up rods are custom graphite heavy duty reel seats in your choice of colors.

The Grips: All grips are custom shaped of EVA foam or Colored Hypalon. Each grip is custom sized and cut to the proper length and fitted to the blank using only the best waterproof epoxy rod builder’s glue that money can buy.

  The Finish: Three to five coats of Aftcote Coat rod epoxy finish are hand applied to the rod wraps while each rod is rotating on a drying rack. This process takes up to three days to complete in order to acquire an imperfection free finish on the rod. Special UV protectants in the finish prevent “yellowing” of the finish and will keep your custom rod looking new for years of service and shine.

Thread Colors: Nylon wrapping thread by Gudebrod are used in wrapping our rods in your choice of over 100 color combinations. Metallic and holographic threads are also optional to add that extra “sparkle “to your custom rod. Beautiful custom “diamond wraps “are standard on all our custom rods in colors that match the guide wraps.

Customization: Each rod can be tailored to your specifications and can be personalized with your name and / or boat name and any other special graphics that you desire to make your rods truly your own. Nothing looks better or is more functional that a set of custom made rods displayed in the cockpit of your sport-fishing boat!! Your fishing buddies will be green with envy when they see your custom made rods.

REMEMBER: We will work with you to make sure that you are totally satisfied with your choice to purchase one or more of our high quality custom rods that we offer. Each blank is warranted for the life of the rod, and comes with our satisfaction/money back guarantee. Ask about special discounts for multiple rod sets purchased together.




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